Day 8: The Power Of Focus

Have you ever tried to burn a blade of grass using only a magnifying glass to focus rays of sunlight in its direction? I grew up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, so this was a common experiment amongst children during the summer months. I don’t remember the exact moment, nor do I remember if anyone ever told me this was even possible, but somehow… at a very young age, I understood that the sun held a magnificent amount of power. And simply using a magnifying glass to focus its energy in the right direction could produce quite impressive results. It’s a simple equation…

energy + focus = results.

This equation translates perfectly to life and goals. We ourselves are a big source of energy; and our true potential is only limited to how and where we choose to focus it, if we choose to focus it at all. Without focus or direction, energy simply turns into a different type of energy. In this case, I believe it’s safe to call it WASTED ENERGY.

Planning is key. It is extremely important to first define what you truly want to accomplish in life then focus all efforts towards accomplishing it. Over the next 365 days, I am going to focus 100% of my efforts to accomplishing a set of goals. The first step is defining those goals then planning how I to accomplish them. See my plan here.

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